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It will be never boring with us...

We would like to post here our photos made by professional photograph, but we never had time to get it. So our guest decided to make some picture of us, exactly in work-process on the top of 1500m high Mount after long hike. And that is only photos we have. By the way, we never call our passion "work"...It is happiness to welcome you as a guest here in Alps of Austria, Germany or Italy. 

Anna Tirol I Tyrol Travel

And some history highlights

We started in 2016 with Airbnb Apartments for rent, and very soon get our Superhost status. More then 100 families from 34 countries visited our cozy house. Then we expand with offering guided tours and adventures in Alps. And now every year we meet more 1000 guests from all over the World.  Our team members speaks more then 6 languages. Covid -19 brought us difficulties to survive. But love to greet and meet guest were stronger as any viruses and other world-problems. We use our time to create new tours, self-guided tours and find new routs to inspire you with new experiences.

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