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Best impression of Tuscany in 1 Day - San Gimignano.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Next day after visiting Florence we move towards Tuscany and visited San Gimignano. It is famous with its Fine Towers and some people called it the Town of Fine Towers or Skyscrapers of Middle Ages. They were build by Nobel Families to show their status and were not damaged during wars or other catastrophes in comparison with Florence. San Giminano is pure example of medieval architecture. The "Historic Center of San Gimignano" is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We have stayed in 5 minutes drive from San Gimignano in very rural and agricultural farm house with perfect view to San Gimignano and its Towers! Link to book Farm house you can find here.

San Giminano, Tuscany. Where to stay with view. Agriturismo Il Casolare Di Bucciano
San Gimignano, Tuscany. Where to stay with view.

Owner was very communicative and helped us to order taxi and organize all we want (i.e. "Room with view"). In the evening in high season they offer lunch with traditional farm cousin and in the morning we get perfect breakfast with traditional Italian sweets. See pictures with scrolling below.

Farm in San Gimignano, Tuscany feeling (scroll to see all)

We get there by bus, as we wanted to stay overnight. But other opportunity was to take day tour from Viator and visit 3 of main Tuscany cities - San Gimignano, Siena and Piza. To be honest it is really the best tour I found in Viator.

San Gimignano and Tuscany Wine with sunset.

Tip.: Please remember if you will take bus ride to San Gimignano- you must stamp your bus tickets as soon as you get into bus, otherwise you will get big penalties. no matter if you are a tourists. Bus ride with 1 change in Poggibonsi will take you around 1 hour.

I felt in love with this sunny feeling of Tuscany, and this in the mid of November! What I will surely do next time:

Have you been in Tuscany...write you impressions below!

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