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A tour of Hallstatt, the most picturesque and well-known Austrian town, will show you the most famous photo locations. 


What you will get out of tour:


We will start to observe the town from the scenic Hallstatt lake, and walk over the most famous viewing platforms. You will see the magnificent Catholic parish church of Hallstatt with a late Gothic winged altar by master craftsman Leonhard Astl. Then you will marvel at the most popular photo location of Hallstatt lake with a view of the Evangelical church famous for its concise style of architecture and inexpressible atmosphere. You will hear the town’s history and modern life, observe Hallstatt from its most beautiful locations , and even visit a mysterious cemetery and House of bones! 


At the end of the tour, you will also get recommendations on where to try the best Austrian cuisine at a reasonable price and what else there is worth visiting near Hallstatt.



How does it works:


This tour will be guided by virtaul guide in App, which includes Navigation, audio and text records about Hallstatt  and of course photes.  Tour is prepared by professional tour guide based on more then 5 years of expirience. It is easy to use it -just follow navigation and listen or read info in App. To be sure you are in the right place - use Pictures in App. 


You can start this tour any time you want, make stops as much as you need, and continue when you want.  After tour is downloaded (in Hotel or at home), you dont need any WI-FI connection, only GPS must ne ON.


How you will get the tour:


After purchasing the tour, you will get manual how to download App (it is easy from Apple Store or Google Play) and Code for the tour. Please contact us via phone if you need Code immediatly .


Who will help me if I have questions:


You also will get phone number of support hotline in case you have problems and questions on how to deal with it. 


Hallstatt: History of the Salt City and Best Photo Locations. App-guided tour.

€ 30,00Price

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