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5 BEST Things to do in Innsbruck, Austria

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

If you are first time in Innsbruck, you will be impressed how many interesting things you can do here. It is capital and center of Austrian state called Tyrol, standing on rapid river Inn, fulled with students and very friendly inhabitants.

1. Get a guided tour of Innsbruck.

Enjoy walk over city with guided tour and see main sights. Do not make mistake by arriving to this beautiful Alpine place just for 1 night, and next day earlier morning leaving it in direction of Switzerland or Italy. Leave yourself time to see it medieval streets.

If you want to be independent and still explore old city even in late evening, use Self-guided tour of Innsbruck with Audio records and navigation over all main sight of old city. This tour you can do 1 hour, or could stop in cozy restaurants and cafes and finish it later. It will also guide you over most recommended restaurants, cafes, photo points and panoramic views. Here you also will get all tips of what and where to do else!

2. Take a cable car up to 2300 meter high and enjoy rocky Alps.

Impress yourself with view almost to Italy and Dolomite from TOP of the Innsbruck and Mount range North Chain. In half an hour and 2 change you will reach 2300 meter high to see rocky mountains of Innsbruck and in winter time even sled there. Secure your ticket to cable car here.

3. Take a part in Tyrolean traditions - Tyrolean Evening show.

Innsbruck is a capital of state of Austria called Tyrol (German Tirol). This as all Alpine countries and villages have many of its interesting traditions, one of them is singing and dancing, as well as jodeling.. Participate in Show at evening time, starting from 7:00 pm or 8:30 pm.

Yodeling (also jodeling) is a form of singing which involves repeated and rapid changes of pitch between the low-pitch chest register (or "chest voice") and the high-pitch head register or falsetto. (с) Wikipedia

4. Visit Swarovski Crystal World

Haven't you know that Swarovski is an Austrian company, founded in 1895 in village called Wattens, around 20 miles from Innsbruck? In year 1995 they build most impressive "museum" Swarovski Crystal World. It is most unusual museum you may have seen before.

Take a private tour from Innsbruck with professional guide and learn more about company and it history as well as museum itself or visit yourself by public bus.

5. If you are real foodie, get a walking food tour of Innsbruck.

For those who love to taste local food or even beer, participate in small group Tyrolean food tour or Innsbruck breweries tour. Hungry and dusty you will not finish this tour. And learn a lot about traditional cuisine in Tirol (that is not sausages as you may be sought!).

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